Easter on my mind!

The holiday seems very late this year, so that means lots of time to get ready!
I made this dress yesterday for babes for one of the upcoming gatherings. Since we are likely to have 3 gatherings I have 1 more dress left to make! (I've been sketching out my own design for the next one over the past week or so and just need to make a pattern now - hopefully it'll get done during naptime today)

I used simplicity pattern 3511. It's not very traditional "eastery" fabric but I think it looks cute and I even did a rolled flower clippie for her hair in the patterned fabric.

the back view - aren't the pearl snaps cute! I wrecked one trying to get them on with the good old spool and hammer technique, I think I'll invest in a snap plier soon.

and lastly an easter bunny! I made 2 and embroidered on the hearts,  my daughter's name on one and her cousin's name on the other ! I'm excited - even though I know the girls are too young to really understand.

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Haley said...

No way....that bunny is ADORABLE! Love it!
Thanks for sharing!

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