Does more fabric = more motivation?

I have been lacking in motivation this week. I did get an Easter dress done (although I'll likely have babes wear it before Easter). I keep wanting to sew more - but either can't decide what to make or look at my fabrics and think I love that print but for the pattern I want to do I really need a solid in ___ color. Maybe it's just me being silly but I think that if I had more fabrics that went together I'd get more sewn.

I did a pattern test for little lizard king patterns ( love her stuff. I'm tempted to splurge and buy the new sunsuit pattern from her shop. Anyways, pattern testing it is for me so I can try new patterns. This makes the 2nd pattern I've tested and hopefully I'll get to test more in the future! I think it looks pretty cute on my girl!

I made my own ribbon loops for the back - I wanted a natural look to go with the material and all the ribbon I have is very narrow or brightly colored.

And the next project I'm in the midst of making uses a vinyl tablecloth! I would have it finished but I've run out of bias tape. So hopefully I'll get to pick some up this weekend and then I can show it - and I've been taking pics as I go so anyone who wants can follow along and make one too - although it's not a terribly unique or difficult idea.

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