1 old shirt 2 new items

I have a small collection on clothing that no longer gets worn that I'm using to make things for my girl to wear. (ps. I'm accepting donations -so think of me, not mcc!)
I had this one shirt from old navy that I bought YEARS ago that just... well it was just time to do something new with it since the fabric was fun just the style of it was not a good fit on me.

I used the body of the shirt to make the dress (which is about a 1T size) and then I used the sleeves to make the pants (also a 1T size). The excess scraps went to making bias tape for the neckline  and 'interfacing' for the armholes, and then the excess with the gold flowered fabric went into the ruffles on the front which are purely for fun.

side note: the flowers pattern that is on the front of the dress near the neck also wraps around onto the back!

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